Backend Development Solutions

Just like a tree needs strong roots to be healthy, an enterprise system needs a strong backend to be healthy.
We specialize in developing robust, scalable, and cloud-ready backend systems and enterprise portals

Backend Development Services

A fully secure & scalable backend is the key to creating an enterprise portal or mobile app.

We understand that a backend is much more than software which makes a server, application, and database communicate with each other. We believe backend development is about providing a seamless & fail-proof user experience to the backend user. Our experts make sure that the end users get a scalable, secure & cloud-ready backend solution.

Top Backend Development services

Top Backend

Development Services

We are a full-cycle software solution and backend development company

We provide backend Development Services that help our clients create and manage web applications. We offer various services such as web application development, system integration, and consulting. With our backend development services, our clients can ensure that their web applications are reliable and scalable.

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Our backend development team provides effective and secure solutions that are adapted to each client's demands.

Our backend developers work on the backend systems, developing and maintaining the code that makes things run. Our backend engineers work on developing new features to fix bugs and improve performance. Our backend engineers also work with databases, ensuring that data is properly stored and accessed when needed.

Our Backend

Development Services

For mobile, web, desktop, and IoT systems, we create scalable or even cloud-based backend solutions that scale with your growing business needs.

Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) is a model of cloud computing where backend functions or services are provided by a third party. This can include anything from storage and retrieval to computation and analytics. Our developers help to build mobile and web applications by providing a comprehensive set of services that can be accessed through a single API.
We offer a wide range of features, including:
• Storage: This can include both file storage and database storage. We offer a variety of storage options, including both public and private clouds.
• Retrieval: This refers to the ability to access stored data quickly and easily. We offer retrieval mechanisms, including search, filtering, and pagination.
• Computation: This includes everything from simple math operations to complex business analytics. We offer compute options, including on-demand and self-service processing.
• Analytics: This encompasses the ability to track and analyze data in realtime. We offer analytics tools, including dashboards, graphs, and reports.


We provide CMS backend development services to help our clients create and manage a website's content. Services include creating and managing user accounts, adding and editing content, setting permissions, and more. We also offer support and maintenance services to ensure that websites are always up-to-date and running smoothly.

DB Design

We provide database design services as part of their backend development offerings. This includes designing the database schema and creating the necessary database objects. We also help clients to determine the most appropriate data model for their application and to develop a strategy for populating the database with data.

Mobile App Backend Development
Mobile App Backend

We provide a wide range of services in mobile app backend development; it includes developing the backend architecture to integrating with third-party services. We also help clients handle user authentication, data storage, and analytics. Our team of backend developers develops robust mobile backend apps that run on a variety of platforms and devices. We develop error free backends for native and cross-platform applications using the most recent technological developments.

Cloud Ready

Our cloud ready backend development helps clients move their solutions, application, and operations to the cloud. Our service can include anything from developing the client's backend infrastructure to migrating their data to the cloud. By using Cloud Ready backend development services, businesses can take advantage of all the benefits that the cloud has to offer, such as increased efficiency, scalability, and flexibility.

Third Party Integration

We provide a variety of services in Third Party Integration of backend development. This can include anything from developing APIs to full integration and support. We also help manage and monitor a client's backend system, ensuring its functions and meeting client's needs. With our Third-party integration services, we ensure for providing a high-quality, reliable service that will help our client’s businesses grow.

API Development and Integration
API Development
and Integration

We offer API Development and Integration to help clients develop and integrate their applications with existing legacy applications. This service can be used to connect different parts of an existing application, or to connect an application with a third-party service. Our expertise in APIs development and integration service helps client's development teams quickly create and test integrations. We provide a custom API to enhance our client's current solutions or integrate third-party applications. Our team offers API development and Integration connecting client's interface easily and seamlessly with other business systems, devices, and apps.

Why Choose Emorphis


Choose Emorphis

Make your business stand out in the market than your competitors.
13+ years in IT consulting and software development services.
Industry expertise in manufacturing, healthcare, automotive, retail and others.
100+ certified and award winning resources.
Global presence with office in USA, UK, Australia and India.
Awarded and recognized in the field of Fintech, IoT, backend development, salesforce consulting, retail and healthcare solutions.
Delivered 1000+ Web and mobile app development projects successfully.
Having 70% client retention rate across.
Multi-disciplinary expertise generated during 13+ years in software development and consulting.



In order to achieve higher levels and outcomes, it's important to agree on an engagement mechanism that works with the budget and timeframe.


Our agreement on the fixed budget, and SOW on the project, we tie the payments to the milestones.

Time & Material

With Milestone delivery we charge you according to team size and development progress. Recommended option for flexible SOW projects.

Full time Resource, Hourly based

Agreement on SOW with appointment of full-time resource/s with hourly based charge with a fixed total budget spend.



"They were always quick to respond to questions and adaptive to changing requirements."

Technology Practice Lead

Consulting Firm

"Emorphis was very detail-oriented in their approach, they knew how to ask the right question from me and my team."

Managing Director

Jewelry Selling Company

"Emorphis always comes back to us with a better approach to achieve a particular objective."

Director of Engineering

Computer Software Company

“Out of all the companies we worked with, Emorphis Technologies was by far the best experience we had.”

Director Web & Application Development

Think Agency


Case Studies

Our case studies offer an in-depth look at our highly successful projects, providing valuable insights into our approach and methodology. With an extensive history of achievements spanning across diverse industries, our track record speaks for itself.
Billing Management Ipad App
Billing Management Ipad App
Go To Case Study
Mobile iOS Application for Health Insurance Agents
Mobile iOS Application for Health Insurance Agents.
Go To Case Study
Auto Retailer’s Ios App
Auto Retailer’s Ios App
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Sensoria – Motus Smart Boot App
Sensoria – Motus Smart Boot App
Go To Case Study
Health Level-7 (HL7) Translation gateway – healthcare industry
Health Level-7 (HL7) Translation gateway – healthcare industry.
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Case Studies

Our case studies offer an in-depth look at our highly successful projects, providing valuable insights into our approach and methodology. With an extensive history of achievements spanning across diverse industries, our track record speaks for itself.



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Asked Questions

We offer a wide range of software product engineering and development services, including requirements gathering, design, prototyping, testing and deployment. We have extensive experience in a variety of industries and can help you develop a product that meets your specific needs.

The development of a software product goes through several stages in order to be completed. The first stage is the conceptualization phase, where the idea for the software is born and the basic concept is created. This is followed by the design phase, where more detail is added to the concept and a plan is made for how the software will be developed. The next stage is the coding or programming phase, where the software is written. Following this is the testing phase, where the software is checked for errors and bugs. If any are found, they are fixed in the next stage, which is the finalization or debugging phase. Once all errors have been fixed, the software is ready to be deployed.

Emorphis Technologies is a boutique technology company with experience and expertise in various Technologies like .Net, J2EE, PHP, iOS, Android, etc. and cloud computing like Amazon Web Services (AWS), software QA & testing (manual & automation). Emorphis Technologies uses a variety of technologies for software development, including Java, C++, and Python. We have a lot of experience with these languages and are able to use them to develop high-quality software. In addition, we use various frameworks and libraries to make our development process more efficient. We also use a number of different tools for testing and debugging our code, which helps ensure that it is of the highest quality possible. Overall, we have a very comprehensive and effective development process that enables us to create great software quickly and efficiently. We create products that are cloud-ready and deployable on cloud infrastructure similar to AWS and Azure.

We design and develop SaaS, mobile apps, desktop applications, cloud solutions with cutting-edge functionality. We are committed to offer fast time to market, adoption of Agile development and the DevOps methodology, lower development costs made possible by scalable cloud-native architectures, frameworks, platforms, and API integrations, assignment of specialists and expert developers working in a secure environment that includes signing NDAs, using data security practices, having a secure IT infrastructure, and compliance to industry-specific standards.

There are a few flexible outsource options for IT companies. One is to Outsource your entire IT department. You can also outsource specific services like help desk support or network administration. You can also use a hybrid approach, where you outsource some services and keep others in-house.

Outourcing your entire IT department or outsourcing software product development can save you money and improve efficiency. Outsourcing specific services can also be helpful. For example, if you need help with a module development, you can outsource to Emorphis Technologies. This will allow you to focus on your core business. Using a hybrid approach can also be beneficial. This allows you to get the best of both worlds the cost effectiveness of outsourcing and the flexibility of keeping some services in-house.

The service model of outsourcing usually entails a contract in which the contracts are of specific services provided by Emorphis Technologies. The services are usually specified in detail in the contract, including the scope of work, performance expectations and delivery timelines.

Emorphis Technologies is a global specialist, providing software product/application engineering services to (ISVs) Independent Software Vendors, software-enabled businesses, and companies that work on embedded software. Our client's partner with us to achieve their business goals by relying on our commitment to drive real business results and our proven ability to deliver high-quality services and support throughout the product lifecycle.