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Asked Questions

At Emorphis Technologies, we specialize in working with clients of all sizes; big or small. From unicorns, and startups to large multinationals as their extended software development arm. We also help our clients in successful product development, consulting services and testing (manual & automated).

With unmatched capabilities and a history of building strategic, IT customization, we provide insight-driven solutions that maximize efficiency and results. Having said that there are many offshore teams to choose from, what sets us apart is listed below –

  • Continuous guidance and support to development engineer
    Every IT engineer / professional working on client projects is guided by a Senior Team Lead. This Lead works as a beacon ensuring progress as per client expectations. As a result of this mechanism, our quality is world class.
  • Proactive communication
    We understand that effective communication is critical for project success. We ensure proactive communication within the project team and with the clients on key inputs; and raise flags in advance measuring the bottle neck ahead of time, plus the practice of 100% transparency on work progress.
  • Time zone flexibility
    As Emorphis Technologies delivers projects globally for almost all time zone geographies, we make sure there is a work timing overlap with client time zones for video calls and conferencing.
  • Trial period
    We offer a one-month trial period with 50% discounted fees, wherein prospects can test and experience our services at nominal rates. In this way, you can evaluate our services in real time.

Solution orientation
As soon as problem surfaces, we trigger a spirit of optimism that fuels us along the path to the solutions. The motivation to push past the obstacle is the real paradigm shift we offer. We preach and practice techniques such as – ‘critical thinking skills’ and ‘root cause analysis’ for the future success with a key focus on sustainable solution.

  • Save cost
    Now reduce your development cost by upto 50%. Our development center is based in India and we offer charge rates starting from USD 22 per hour. Remember every penny saved is every penny earned.
  • Reduce time to market
    We can complement your in-house team and can do the product co development and together we can reduce the time to market for your product.
  • Agility at its best
    Scale up or down your team size as per the requirements.
  • One-stop shop
    We are a team of 80+ professionals working round the clock on key technologies; assuring exclusive team assignments all the time always.

Software companies
From small, to mid-sized to eventually large software teams, we work with them all as an extended team to reduce development cost by upto 50%. Are you looking for flexibility? Then yes, flexibility is something at offer for scaling up or down the team size or want an external development hand to reduce time to market for a product launch, last but not the least; there is no skill set in house.

Other industry players
You are not a software player, though the business operations or product is dependent (or somehow connected to) to software. Emorphis can function as your development team.

Startup unicorns
Startup founders with sound business acumen, albeit with limited technical know-how, skills and expertize. When you hire Emorphis Technologies you hire a trusted software development partner for the technology aspect, so that you can focus on your key businesses.

The networking king
You are a super-connected professional, generating business leads with a blink of an eye, the challenge – there is no development team. Emorphis Technologies can help – we can be your development team.
Now white label our services under your name or brand. You can resale our services with a markup fee.

Fixed cost engagement model
We can mutually agree to work on fixed cost / fee per project completion. We charge an upfront fee to start with a project and the balance can be paid on project delivery completion. We encourage this model from small to the mid-sized projects where it is easy to define the project scope.

Dedicated monthly engagement model
We work on this model – monthly engagement, where project scope is not defined, or variable, or the project seems to be humongous and you want our people to work for you continuously; full time exclusively. Simply pay us a dedicated monthly fee for each IT expert executing the project.

Half time / Part engagement model
At times client needs are variable and they do not want team members to work for them dedicatedly We are again flexible here to assign IT professionals who will work half / part time for you (minimum 4 hours per day). In this model we bill you monthly based on the charge rate.

Hourly engagement model
This model is ideal for IT support and maintenance. You pay us for the number of hours we put in the week.

It is you. You are the owner; our clients have the cent percent ownership of the source codes and all other codes, that we code for you.

Yes, we are for sure. Always all the time.

We basically follow Agile methodology and are open and flexible to adapt your methodologies as well.

Being an IT product & services company, Emorphis Technologies has hands on experience working with all major technologies; viz. – PHP, JAVA, Dotnet, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Python, Native / React Native Mobile apps, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), PowerBI, Tableau, Hadoop, and Dell Boomi.

We are open to using tools that our client is comfortable with, following are the mention of tools that our team is working very regularly.

Tools used in development –

  • Xcode for iOS app development
  • Android Studio for android app development
  • Visual Studios for cross-platform hybrid mobile application development using React Native, Xamarin
  • VS (Visual Studios) Code for Angular, Node, etc.
  • Github, SourceTree, SnailSVN for code versioning

Tools used for Project Management –

  • JIRA – project management
  • Basecamp – project management
  • Microsoft Teams & SharePoint – communication & collaboration
  • Microsoft Project – project management
  • Trello – task & project management
  • MiesterTask – task management
  • Dropbox, Google Drive – collaboration
  • Asana – project management
  • Redmine – project management
  • Slack – communication
  • Skype – communication
  • Google Meet – communication

Yes, we would be more than happy to share references with you.

We are based in Indore, an upcoming smart city in the centre of the country. It is rated as an emerging education hub, and technology centre. As far as infrastructure is concerned, the city has an international airport, IT parks, and a proximity to a defense hub Mhow. A key milestone for city is that, it has been ranked as the cleanest city of India, three times in a row.

We are a family of 80+ skilled IT professionals. We truly believe in diversity and inclusion, each one of us from diversified backgrounds adds to the cult.

With our humble beginning in the year 2010, there is no looking back. And to the date we stand strong working with key marquee client projects, with loads of learnings, achievements, accolades and applause.

Please click on the below links, to download and read the complete documentation.

Yes, of course. This is very much a business model for us.

Assuming everything is already in place and we just need to put resources on the project, then we can get started within one-two weeks.


The pre-project consulting process takes ~ 1 week. Our discovery, design and planning phase takes another 2-3 weeks. Development begins after that.

All our team members are empowered to interact with clients and is not limited to Project Lead. The common modes of communication are phone calls, video calls, chat and emails. Our common communication milestones are – weekly status update, weekly calls, and release notice.


  • Startups
  • Healthcare
  • Industry 4.0
  • Fintech
  • Retail
  • Publishing Industry


  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Cloud Computing
  • Internet of Things
  • Backend Development
  • Big Data & Analytics
  • Blockchain