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The Internet of Things is the new frontier. We are specialists in IoT hardware design and app development. Let our experts help you grow your business with state-of-the-art industrial IoT apps.

IoT Application Development

Emorphis Technologies is recognized as India’s Top recommended IoT company. We are an IoT solution and service provider offering solutions for IoT Consulting, IoT ecosystem setup, and IoT application management.

We provide IoT application development with extensive networking solutions and a smarter, customized service planning and implementation process. We have a team of strategic consultants, engineers, and system architects who have deep experience in complex Internet of Things deployments. Our dynamic IoT app development experts have the potential to offer end-to-end solutions, from sensor/equipment integration & M2M Communication to Business Intelligence Integration by leveraging partner products/platforms. Emorphis Technologies have hands-on experience in working with standard cellular protocols (GSM) as well as Wi-Fi, LoRa, Zigbee, and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

Internet of Things Development

Internet of Things


We are the Top IoT development company

We provide a broad range of services in the Internet of Things application development, from planning and consultancy to design and deployment. Our IoT software development services include specifications and scope design, architecture design, development, testing, and support. We help our clients to identify the best technology for business needs, develop prototypes, and manage and monitor solutions once it is up and running.

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Our IoT experts provides services for IoT development to deliver reliable IoT solutions that improve business processes

Our IoT app developers develop robust IoT solutions and applications. Our expertise includes Java, C++, Python, while the most popular protocols include MQTT and CoAP. Our IoT app developers use these technologies to develop applications that interact with the physical world, such as smart homes and industrial automation. Our team of IoT developers is well-versed in various groups of programming languages and protocols that allow devices to communicate with each other.

Hardware Design

We provide a wide variety of services when it comes to IoT hardware design. This can include everything from the development of the hardware itself to the provision of software and firmware, to the management of the entire supply chain. In addition, we also offer consulting and support services to help businesses get the most out of their IoT deployments. This includes helping clients select the right hardware and software components, as well as providing advice on how to integrate these components into existing business processes.

IoT App Development
IoT App

We develop IoT applications and provide various IoT app development services including design, backend support, and device management. We also offer integration with existing systems, providing support and maintenance, data analysis and visualization, which is essential for a understanding the insights of IoT deployment. We offer clients to choose the right sensors and devices for particular application, and design the overall architecture of the IoT system. Additionally, we provide security consulting and solutions to help keep our project's data safe.

Wearable Tech

We offer the development of applications that can be used to control and monitor devices that are connected to the internet of things. This can include devices such as smartwatches, fitness trackers, and even home appliances. The applications developed by Emorphis Technologies allow our clients to perform a variety of tasks, such as tracking their health and fitness data, monitoring their home security, or even controlling their home appliances.

Beacon Apps

Beacon apps are a class of mobile apps that uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to interact with nearby devices. This interaction can be used to provide a wide range of services:

• Location tracking and navigation.

• Proximity-based marketing and advertising.

• Asset tracking.

• Environmental monitoring.

Industrial Automation

We offer industrial automation app development services that help companies automate their processes and improve their efficiency. Some of the services that are commonly offered by IT companies include process modeling, system design, application development, and system integration. In addition, these companies can also provide support and maintenance services to help businesses keep their systems running smoothly.

Cloud IoT

Our Cloud IoT app development services allow businesses to quickly develop and deploy their own custom IoT applications. We offer development of application over cloud platforms which allow businesses to easily connect devices, manage data, and create and deploy custom applications. In addition, many cloud platforms offer various sets of tools and support for a wide range of devices and protocols, making it easy to connect to a wide variety of sensors and devices. By leveraging such cloud technology we offer businesses to quickly develop and deploy custom applications that meet their specific needs.

Uses Cases of IoT

in various Industries

IoT has already begun to revolutionize many industries, including healthcare, transportation, and manufacturing. Here are some specific examples of how we offer IoT solutions in various industries.


IoT is being used in healthcare to improve patient care and reduce costs. We offer the healthcare app development connected to data through sensors that can be used to monitor patient's vital signs and detect early signs of illness. This can help doctors to diagnose patients earlier and to provide more targeted treatment. IoT solutions also improve the efficiency of healthcare providers.



We offer IoT app development for transportation to make transportation systems more efficient and sustainable. Sensors can be used to monitor traffic flow and optimize traffic routing. Our IoT solutions also are used to improve safety and security.



We offer IoT development for manufacturing to improve the efficiency of production lines and reduce waste. Sensors can be used to monitor the condition of machinery and to identify potential problems before they cause downtime. Our IoT solutions are also used to track the supply chain, which can help manufacturers to optimize their production planning.

Smart Farming

Smart Farming

We offer solutions for farming to monitor numerous types of data using IoT applications for precision agriculture to improve crop output and cut waste in real-time. By adjusting irrigation and fertilization according to the crop and the region, the best possible growing conditions are produced.



We offer IoT solutions to retailers to improve their ability to regulate and deliver a high-quality consumer experience. With our solutions, retail and eCommerce companies may more accurately forecast consumer behavior and personalize the shopping experience. We offer real-time IoT retail and eCommerce software development which is based on latest technologies like beacons, customized mobile applications, wearables, smart fitting rooms, and RFID sensors.

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Make your business stand out in the market than your competitors.
12 years in IT consulting and software development services.
Industry expertise in manufacturing, healthcare, automotive, retail and others.
100+ certified and award winning resources.
Global presence with office in USA, UK, Australia and India.
Awarded and recognized in the field of Fintech, IoT, backend development, salesforce consulting, retail and healthcare solutions.
Delivered 1000+ Web and mobile app development projects successfully.
Having 70% client retention rate across.
Multi-disciplinary expertise generated during 12 years in software development and consulting.



In order to achieve higher levels and outcomes, it's important to agree on an engagement mechanism that works with the budget and timeframe.


Our agreement on the fixed budget, and SOW on the project, we tie the payments to the milestones.

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With Milestone delivery we charge you according to team size and development progress. Recommended option for flexible SOW projects.

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Agreement on SOW with appointment of full-time resource/s with hourly based charge with a fixed total budget spend.



"They were always quick to respond to questions and adaptive to changing requirements."

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"Emorphis was very detail-oriented in their approach, they knew how to ask the right question from me and my team."

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"Emorphis always comes back to us with a better approach to achieve a particular objective."

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“Out of all the companies we worked with, Emorphis Technologies was by far the best experience we had.”

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Case Studies

Building a strong brand. Distinctive, recognizable and consistent. Effective communication campaigns thatactivate your target group.
Billing Management Ipad App
Billing Management Ipad App
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Mobile iOS Application for Health Insurance Agents
Mobile iOS Application for Health Insurance Agents.
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Auto Retailer’s Ios App
Auto Retailer’s Ios App
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Sensoria – Motus Smart Boot App
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Health Level-7 (HL7) Translation gateway – healthcare industry
Health Level-7 (HL7) Translation gateway – healthcare industry.
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Case Studies

Building a strong brand. Distinctive, recognizable and consistent. Effective communication campaigns that activate your target group.



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Asked Questions

IoT Application Development is the process of creating software that allows devices to interact with each other and exchange data. This can include anything from smart homes and cities to industrial automation and healthcare.

The main benefit of IoT Application Development is that it allows businesses to automate tasks and streamline operations. It also enables them to collect data from devices and use it to make better decisions.

At Emorphis Technologies, we examine the activities and issues you wish to solve with IoT deployment in the context of your business. Then specifying the data that needs to be gathered to achieve business objectives Engineering IoT solution technical needs. Afterward, define the architecture of the IoT solution and choose a suitable tech stack. Work on hardware planning, followed by consulting on important IoT solution integrations. Lastly, we define a data security strategy as well as provide guidance on the use of IoT solutions.

The cost-effectiveness of IoT solutions varies depending on the specific implementation and the size of the organization. Generally, however, IoT solutions can be cost-effective when compared to traditional methods of data collection and analysis. For example, a sensor network can be used to monitor a manufacturing process and provide real-time feedback that can improve efficiency and quality. Similarly, a sensor network can be used to monitor environmental conditions and automatically adjust settings to optimize performance.

IoT solutions can also help organizations reduce costs by improving operational efficiency. For example, an organization can use IoT solutions to optimize energy consumption or reduce waste. By reducing operating costs, organizations can reinvest those savings into other areas of their business, such as research and development or marketing.

The cost of developing an IOT application can vary depending on the features and complexity of the app. Generally, it costs more to develop an app that interacts with physical devices or machinery, as opposed to an app that only collects and analyzes data.