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Personalized Offshore Development(POD)

In this long year of journey we have made several Software Products, done Testing-QA, built Enterprise Mobile Application Design & Development and supported clients with Cloud Computing solutions. Now, Emorphis has come up with Personalized Offshore Development (POD) and end 2 end services to client’s software development requirements. POD will not just help people with cost-cutting but will save their time with ready to go team. With POD user can start with other new projects with their current project.


  • Avoids the increased cost and time required for hashing out infinite details of how the app will work.
  • Reduces the risk of unmet expectations.
  • Gives you the speed and agility to adjust to new information you learn from developing your customer.
  • Skilled professionals working for your business needs.
  • Ability to select, manage and control team members.
  • Direct access to each team member.
  • Flexible contract terms.
  • Higher level of project security control, IP rights protection and confidentiality.
  • Negotiable cost depending on your requirements.
  • No start up or maintenance costs or taxes.
  • Direct contact.
  • Software Engineering Team works as your own department and is solely occupied with your project.
  1. Not seeing the subjectiveness in business benefits; might be your strategy. You can highlight the differentiators that how it is better then and/or mix of regular offshore software development, intranet offshore development etc.

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