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We offer Healthcare mobile app development services that are designed to improve patient care, streamline healthcare operations, and improve the overall healthcare experience.

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We provide healthcare mobile app development services.

Our healthcare mobile app development services help provide applications and solutions that adhere to all known security and compliances like HIPAA, and GDPR. Our health app development process and services are in line with a patient-centric approach and focus on meeting the needs of both medical providers and patients.

Healthcare mobile app development

Healthcare Mobile

App Development

Best Healthcare mobile app development services provider

We are the top healthcare app development providers offering custom applications development for healthcare. Our software development for healthcare app services includes mobile app development services, IoMT development, application integration services and offerings of software development kits to meet the specific needs of a healthcare organizations, healthcare IT companies, medical device vendors and other IT needs in healthcare industry.

Hire healthcare mobile app developers

Hire Healthcare Mobile

App Developers

Our healthcare app developers create mobile applications and software systems to manage patient data, connect and deliver better patient care.

Our healthcare app developers typically utilize a variety of technologies and programming languages, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C#, Java, React Native, Objective-C, and Swift. We also work with databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB and cloud infrastructure such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure. Additionally, our healthcare app developers are also experienced following standards, security, regulations, and protocols associated with the healthcare industry, such as HIPAA, GDPR and HL7 FHIR.

Our Healthcare

App Development Services

Patient-centered apps

Our patient-centered app development services are designed to provide users with access to digital healthcare solutions tailored to their specific needs. These apps can help streamline the patient's experience with digital health records, medical reminders, and other resources. By leveraging data from digital medical devices and wearables, patient-centered apps allow healthcare professionals and patients alike to quickly gain insights into their condition. Apps such as medication tracking, telemedicine, Appointment scheduling, Fitness apps, wellness apps and Mental health apps are some of the applications allow patients to store their medical histories, manage prescription medications, and engage with their providers.

Apps for medical professionals and healthcare providers
Apps for medical professionals and
healthcare providers

We design and develop leveraging various technology to deliver medical professionals and providers efficient access to patient health information, medical professionals are able to provide better care. These apps can feature remote patient monitoring and communication, EMRs (electronic medical records) integration, drug databases, illness diagnosis assistance, billing applications, medication reminders, digital forms/questionnaires, and appointment scheduling integration. From doctors to nurses to pharmacists, these applications allow medical professionals to stay connected with their patients.

Healthcare app modernization
Healthcare app

Our healthcare app modernization services are architecture to provide comprehensive scalability and increased user experience. Our delivery of customized health IT systems helps our clients' objectives and preferences. Our app modernization approach includes customization with newer programming languages, frameworks, and infrastructure platforms. Our application modernization services enhance the speed and quality of our clients' legacy systems.

App support and maintenance
App support
and maintenance

Our app support and maintenance services provide specialized assistance on everything from server hardware upgrades to application testing. Our healthcare app development professionals help our client's applications remain operational and competitive. We are the best app support and maintenance providers and utilize a network of resources to optimize performance and test regularly for bugs and glitches. Our app development service providers help our clients' systems are always up-to-date, reliable, secure, and free of unwanted disruptions.

Healthcare app Integrations
Healthcare app

Our healthcare app integration services are focused to provide Healthcare Interoperability. Our integration services with various health information systems, and digital technologies, our healthcare app integrations services are giving providers, payers, and patients access to data which allows for better-informed decision-making. Our integration services of Electronic Health Records (EHR) with legacy app platforms yields improved healthcare outcomes as well as an increase in patient satisfaction through faster access to vital information. Healthcare app integration opens possibilities for new forms of communication between physicians and patients and vastly streamlines access to medical records throughout the entire care team. This interoperability is a critical component in providing timely and quality medical care.

Security and compliance
Security and

We make sure that the softwares designed by us are highly secure and meets all the compliances. Our healthcare app developers use the latest encryption technology to develop high-quality secure healthcare applications. Our healthcare app development professionals keep in mind the standards, security practices, and procedures to deliver secure apps. We follow secure coding practices, and data encryption and conduct continuous security audits to find any vulnerabilities.

Cloud Integration

We offer cloud integration services so that it becomes easy for you to share records and automate backend operations. By utilizing our cloud integration services you can increase flexibility, agility, and scalability. Our healthcare mobile app developers have huge experience in all aspects of cloud integration. With our cloud integration services, you can have better access to data and enhance the patient experience without replacing the whole legacy system.

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Major healthcare

app development includes:

Telemedicine App Development
Remote Patient Monitoring App Development
Medical Device Software and App Development
Custom Mobile App Development
Wearable Medical Device App Development
mhealth App Development
Health and Fitness App Development
IoMT App Development
AR/VR App Development
Healthcare Analytics App Development
Medical Billing App Development
Insurance App Development
Claims Processing App Development
Health Information System Integration


Case Studies

Our case studies offer an in-depth look at our highly successful projects, providing valuable insights into our approach and methodology. With an extensive history of achievements spanning across diverse industries, our track record speaks for itself.
Billing Management Ipad App
Billing Management Ipad App
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Mobile iOS Application for Health Insurance Agents
Mobile iOS Application for Health Insurance Agents.
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Auto Retailer’s Ios App
Auto Retailer’s Ios App
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Sensoria – Motus Smart Boot App
Sensoria – Motus Smart Boot App
Go To Case Study
Health Level-7 (HL7) Translation gateway – healthcare industry
Health Level-7 (HL7) Translation gateway – healthcare industry.
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Case Studies

Our case studies offer an in-depth look at our highly successful projects, providing valuable insights into our approach and methodology. With an extensive history of achievements spanning across diverse industries, our track record speaks for itself.



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Asked Questions

Telemedicine app development solutions, and telehealth app development, remote patient monitoring app development, mhealth app development, medical billing app, pharmacy app, care management app, fitness app development, Health tracking app, medication reminder app are some of the applications which are trending in healthcare application development services.

  • Telemedicine or Telehealth apps: These apps allow patients to consult with healthcare providers remotely, through video conferencing or chat. For more details check A Guide on Telehealth App Development and Integrations
  • Fitness apps: With a growing emphasis on health and wellness, fitness apps have become popular with mobile users. These apps track exercise, nutrition, and sleep, and provide personalized recommendations.
  • Mental health apps: Mental health apps offer resources and tools for managing anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions.
  • Medication reminder apps: These apps help patients keep track of their medication schedules, including when to take which medications, and when to refill prescriptions.
  • Personalized medicine apps: These apps use data from genetic testing to provide personalized recommendations for diet, exercise, and medication.
  • Health tracking apps: Health tracking apps allow users to track various health metrics, such as heart rate, blood pressure, and glucose levels.
  • Medical reference apps: Medical reference apps provide information on various medical conditions, including symptoms, treatment options, and potential side effects.

Apart from these, there is a wide range of healthcare applications such as applications for providers, healthcare professionals and nurses and many more.

There are several technologies used in software development for healthcare app, including:

  • Programming languages: The most popular programming languages for healthcare app development are Java, Python, C++, and JavaScript.
  • Cloud computing platforms: Cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) are commonly used in healthcare app development. Cloud computing services provide scalable and reliable infrastructure for hosting and managing applications.
  • Mobile app development frameworks: Mobile app development services for frameworks like React Native, Flutter, and Ionic are used to build mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms.
  • Electronic health record (EHR) systems: EHR systems such as Epic and Cerner are used to manage patient data and integrate with healthcare apps.
  • Application programming interfaces (APIs): APIs are used to connect healthcare apps with various systems and data sources, including EHRs, wearable devices, and third-party services.
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning: AI and machine learning technologies can be used to develop healthcare apps that can diagnose diseases, predict patient outcomes, and automate medical workflows.
  • Blockchain technology: Blockchain technology is used to create secure and decentralized healthcare systems that can protect patient data and improve interoperability. Blockchain app development can address healthcare delivery more securely and efficiently.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) devices: IoT app development for devices such as wearables and sensors can be used to collect patient data and monitor health conditions in real-time.
  • Virtual reality and augmented reality: Virtual reality and augmented reality technologies can be used to create immersive healthcare experiences for patients and providers.
  • Big data analytics: Big data analytics tools can be used to analyze large amounts of patient data and provide insights for clinical decision-making and patient care management.

At Emorphis Technologies, our focus is always on developing high-quality and safe applications. We make sure that the user’s data is safeguarded under every condition. The applications designed by us are HIPAA compliant which increases safety and protects the personal information of the users.

Developing a healthcare app can be complex so it is important to keep in mind some of these points.

  • End-to-end encryption
  • Comply with HIPAA, HITECH, and GDPR
  • Ensure security through multi-factor authentication
  • Carry out comprehensive security testing

For more, check our Guide for healthcare app development

The healthcare applications development process adhere to various compliances like HIPAA, PIPEDA, GDPR as per requirement. We conduct thorough testing to make sure that the application is highly secure. Our healthcare developers make sure that the applications we designed are fully secure. In addition, some more regulations are being followed as per requirements are like HIPAA, HITECH, PCI compliance, ONC, and NCPDP.

The cost of healthcare software development and application development depends on design, complexity, and features. In addition, healthcare app development is a complex process and requires much expertise.

On average, the cost of developing a healthcare application starts from $50,000 to $100,000. However, the cost of a complex healthcare application is more and decided based on features and functionalities requested by the client.

Connect with our healthcare experts to know about the cost estimates and design a high-quality healthcare application most effectively.

Features depend on the type of app required by the client. We focus on including the necessary features that fulfill the user requirements most effectively. However, healthcare applications are of different types. For example, healthcare software designed for doctors may include features like e-prescriptions and EHR/EMR integration. Whereas an application designed especially for patients may include reminders and notifications, appointment scheduling, prescription tracking, and many more.

Get in touch with us today for the finest healthcare software development and medical app development.

Yes, at Emorphis Technologies, we have extensive experience in healthcare app development and have worked on multiple integration's in this domain.

When it comes to healthcare integration's, Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) integration's are some of the most critical ones. We have integrated various healthcare apps with popular EHR/EMR systems such as Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, and more.

Check our insights on Top 10 effective healthcare integration system

Apart from that, we also have experience in integrating healthcare apps with healthcare data exchange standards like HL7 and FHIR. HL7 (Health Level Seven) is a widely-used standard for exchanging healthcare information between different systems. FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) is a newer standard that enables faster and more efficient exchange of healthcare data. Also, you can check with our exprts for some popular HIE integration in our portfolio. Redoxengine or Redox, Qvera Interface Engine, Definitive Healthcare, Corepoint Integration Engine, Infor Cloverleaf Integration Suite.

Check our Guide on healthcare interoperability and redox integration

We have also implemented SMART on FHIR integration, which allows apps to securely access data from EHRs using FHIR APIs. This integration is particularly useful for building custom workflows and clinical decision support tools within EHR systems.

n addition to these, we have worked with other healthcare data exchange protocols such as NCPDP, MLLP, and IEEE 11073-10103 to enable seamless data exchange between healthcare systems and devices.

Overall, we have a deep understanding of healthcare integration's and have successfully implemented them in various healthcare apps.

Get in touch with our experts for EMR and EHR integration services or Healthcare integration services.

As a healthcare software and application development company, we know the importance of maintenance and support.

We offer continuous maintenance and support services so that you can focus on offering high-quality care to patients.

Connect with our healthcare app development team to develop highly advanced healthcare software and applications.