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Healthcare Software and Application Development Services

Healthcare software development has two important aspects – security and ease of use.

We have deep experience in healthcare app development that is fully secure and provides an optimum user experience for the end-users. We help health organizations and medical product development companies to adopt creative digital health initiatives. Irrespective of where their emphasis lies, Cloud migration and EHRs, Integration of technology like AI, Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) and Blockchain, through our digital transformation services.

Healthcare Software Development Services

Healthcare Software

Development Services

We are a leading and top healthcare software development company.

We work on various services in healthcare software development, which includes developing new software or applications, and enhancing or modifying an existing system. Our healthcare software developers have also undertaken some projects that are specific to a certain area of the healthcare industry, such as medical records, billing and insurance, and personalized healthcare. In addition, we offer various healthcare integration services and implementation like EHR and EMR integration, and Salesforce health cloud implementation services. We also provide migration, support, and maintenance for existing healthcare software systems.

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We lead organizations to radically change how they offer healthcare solutions and shape the digital healthcare industry.

Our medical app and healthcare software developers team specializes in Telemedicine App Development, Telehealth software development and various Telemedicine App Development solutions, medical app development, and customized healthcare application development. Our development methodology makes sure to facilitate improved interoperability, encourage workflow streamlining, and be secure. We follow all of the known healthcare compliance like FHIR, HL7, GDPR and HIPAA for developing various applications and software for healthcare services.

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We are a leading and top healthcare software and application provider. Our developers ensure your custom healthcare software meets known regulatory requirements, including specifications.
Healthcare Mobility

Mobility is an important factor when it comes to the healthcare industry. Emorphis Technologies offer a variety of services when it comes to mobility including developing mobile apps, creating mobile-friendly websites, and developing software that can be used on portable devices. We create custom apps for hospitals, medical products, and clinics. We have experience with the latest mobile technologies, its platform versions, and the latest technology integration, like cloud integration, EHR integration, IoT, AI, and Blockchain. In addition to developing mobile apps, we are the best healthcare mobility development provider offering various solutions and custom applications for portable devices such as smartphones, tablets and wearable devices.

Remote patient monitorin (RPM) Solutions
Remote Patient Monitoring
(RPM) Solutions

We offer healthcare software and application development with the latest technology like the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. Our custom Remote Patient Monitoring solutions are equipped with features like RPM system's extensive data collection analysis of patient's vital signs, and RPM data upload to healthcare IT integration systems like healthcare information exchanges, This also includes notification services like in the event of aberrant health parameters, the doctor, patient, and caregiver can be notified.

Integration Services

Healthcare Integration Services offered by Emorphis Technologies vary in terms of the level of complexity and comprehensiveness of the services. We provide a suite of services that includes everything from requirements gathering and design to testing and post-deployment support. Our Healthcare Integration Services also focus on specific aspects such as data exchange or HL7 messaging, EHR and EMR integration, medical device software integration, and healthcare products integration with legacy systems. We specialize in and are well-equipped to handle the complex technical and regulatory challenges involved in integrating healthcare systems. Our healthcare software development team of skilled professionals are familiar with the latest trends and technologies in healthcare IT, as well as strong relationships with key vendors and partners in the healthcare industry.

Telemedicine App Development
Telemedicine App Development
and Telehealth Solutions

We are a leading and top healthcare software and applications development company that offers Telemedicine App Development and telehealth software development solutions. We work on designing and developing effective telemedicine software or telehealth solutions that meet the needs of healthcare organizations. In addition, we also provide modernization, feature addition, integration, support & maintenance services for telemedicine apps or telehealth solutions. Our Telemedicine App Development solutions can help healthcare providers to connect with their patients remotely, and provide them with the care they need. In addition, telemedicine apps can help to improve the overall quality of healthcare by making it more accessible to patients in remote areas.

Care Management

We offer care management solutions, which refer to activities that aim to improve the quality and efficiency of patient care. Our care management solutions can encompass a wide range of healthcare application services including various modules, such as disease management, care coordination, home health care, and hospice care. These healthcare software solutions can help healthcare providers manage patients more effectively and improve the quality of care they provide. These solutions can be integrated with various applications to provide health information exchange and help in-home healthcare services.

Patient Engagement

Patient engagement is a critical factor in the success of any healthcare organization. Our healthcare software development team specializes in patient engagement and helps your healthcare organization develop bespoke or custom medical applications and software solutions that will keep patients connected to their care and informed about their health. These health app development services can include features such as secure messaging, patient portals, and interactive educational tools.

Healthcare Analytics

The healthcare analytics sector is growing rapidly, as providers and payers seek to improve quality and efficiency while reducing costs. We offer healthcare software and application development services that help providers and payers analyze data related to healthcare. These services include data warehousing, business intelligence, predictive analytics, and performance management. Our software development for healthcare apps in the healthcare analytics sector varies depending on the healthcare organization or product development company's strengths and specialties. By analyzing data in these areas, providers and payers can identify opportunities for improvement and make better decisions about how to allocate their resources.

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Our Healthcare

Software Solutions

We offer custom software for healthcare apps and solutions
Electronic Health Record (EHR/EMR) Software Solutions
Telehealth and Telemedicine Software Solutions
Electronic Prescription (eRx) Software Solutions
Medical Billing Software Solutions
Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Software Solutions
Chronic Disease Management
Practice Management Software Solutions
Health Information Exchange (HIE) Software Solutions
Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) Software Solutions
Pharmacy Management Software Solutions
Integrate Eligibility and Patient Insurance Verification Solutions
Insurance Integration Solutions

Information Technology

Services for Healthcare

We offer the best healthcare IT services to various healthcare product development, healthcare organizations, Remote Patient Monitoring solutions companies and more.
Healthcare Software Development Services

Digital Healthcare

Digital healthcare services are those that are delivered or supported electronically. Our services include telemedicine, Remote Patient Monitoring solutions, and secure messaging. As a healthcare software development company, we offer these services to help healthcare product development and healthcare providers so that they can connect and communicate with patient's more easily. This helps improve patient care outcomes, reduce costs.

Managed IT services

Managed IT Services

We offer managed IT services in the healthcare industry. We provide a variety of services, such as network security, data backup and recovery, security audit, compliance, assessment, testing and help desk support. By outsourcing these services to a competent provider, healthcare organizations can focus on their core competencies and improve the quality of care they provide to patients.

IT modernization

IT Modernization

Our healthcare software development team offers variety of services in IT Modernization. The services include healthcare system analysis, design, and development. Healthcare applications integration like EHR, medical imaging software, and practice management solutions. Also software testing and quality assurance, system integration, migration, and deployment. We help organizations upgrade information security safeguards and also update their technology infrastructure to meet the latest industry standards and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their IT operations.

IT consulting and assessment

IT Consulting and Assessment

Emorphis Technologies is a healthcare software development company that offers IT consulting and assessment to help organizations improve their information technology (IT) infrastructure and operations. We help with everything from assessing your current IT environment to developing a plan for improvement. We work on identifying IT environment vulnerabilities and unmet demands, then building healthcare technology solutions to address them. We also offer implementation and support services to help you get the most out of your new IT system.

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With our agreement on the fixed budget, and SOW on the project, we tie the payments to the milestones.

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With Milestone delivery we charge you according to team size and development progress. We also recommended options for flexible SOW projects.

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Case Studies

Our case studies offer an in-depth look at our highly successful projects, providing valuable insights into our approach and methodology. With an extensive history of achievements spanning across diverse industries, our track record speaks for itself.
Billing Management Ipad App
Billing Management Ipad App
Go To Case Study
Mobile iOS Application for Health Insurance Agents
Mobile iOS Application for Health Insurance Agents.
Go To Case Study
Auto Retailer’s Ios App
Auto Retailer’s Ios App
Go To Case Study
Sensoria – Motus Smart Boot App
Sensoria – Motus Smart Boot App
Go To Case Study
Health Level-7 (HL7) Translation gateway – healthcare industry
Health Level-7 (HL7) Translation gateway – healthcare industry.
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Case Studies

Our case studies offer an in-depth look at our highly successful projects, providing valuable insights into our approach and methodology. With an extensive history of achievements spanning across diverse industries, our track record speaks for itself.



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Asked Questions

The need for Healthcare App Development is vast. There are many different types of healthcare apps that can be developed to improve patient care. Some of the most popular healthcare app categories include:

- Clinical Decision Support Apps: These apps help clinicians make better decisions by providing them with evidence-based information at the point of care.

- mHealth Apps: These apps allow patients to manage their own healthcare needs by tracking their symptoms, medications, and vital signs.

- Telemedicine Apps: These apps allow patients to connect with physicians remotely for consultations and treatment.

Developing a healthcare app can be a complex process, but it can be extremely rewarding for both patients and clinicians alike. By developing an effective healthcare app, you can help improve patient care and make it more accessible to everyone.

The term healthcare applications can be used to refer to a variety of different types of software that are used in the healthcare industry. One common type of healthcare application is electronic health records (EHR) software. EHR software allows healthcare providers to store patient data in a digital format. This can make it easier to track patient information and share it with other healthcare providers.

Another common type of healthcare application is medical imaging software. Medical imaging software allows healthcare providers to create images of the inside of the body using various types of scans. This can help doctors diagnose medical conditions and plan treatments.

The most trending healthcare application types are telemedicine and telehealth app development which are services that allow for the remote diagnosis and treatment of patients through telecommunications technology. This technology can include video conferencing, email, and text messaging, among others. Telemedicine and telehealth app development has become increasingly popular in recent years as a way to provide healthcare to patients in rural or remote areas, or those who are unable to travel to a doctor's office. They can also be used to provide follow-up care for patients after they have been discharged from the hospital.

There are also a number of applications that are designed specifically for use by nurses and other healthcare professionals. These applications can include anything from medication management software to patient tracking systems.

The use of healthcare applications has become increasingly common in recent years. This is due in part to the fact that many of these applications are now available as cloud-based services. This means that they can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, making them convenient and easy to use.

Telemedicine and telehealth app development encompasses a wide range of services that allow for the delivery of health care remotely. This can include anything from diagnostics to treatment and follow-up care. The goal of telemedicine is to provide patients with access to the same quality of care they would receive in person, but without having to leave home.

One of the most common applications of telemedicine is remote diagnosis. With this service, patients can connect with a doctor remotely for a consultation. This can be helpful for conditions that don't require an in-person visit, such as allergies or a simple cold. It can also be useful for more serious conditions, such as heart disease or cancer, when it's not possible or safe for the patient to travel.

Another common application of telemedicine is remote treatment. With this service, patients can receive treatment from a doctor remotely. For example, patients with chronic illnesses may need regular checkups and medication adjustments. Remote treatment allows them to get the care they need without having to travel to a doctor's office.

In addition to diagnostics and treatment, telemedicine can also be used for follow-up care. For example, after surgery or childbirth, some patients may need regular check-ins with a doctor. Telemedicine can provide these check-ins without the patient having to travel.

Telemedicine App Development Solutions and telehealth software development offer a number of benefits for both patients and doctors. Patients can get the care they need without leaving home, which can be helpful for those who are unable or unwilling to travel. In addition, telemedicine can help doctors manage their caseloads more efficiently. By providing care remotely, doctors can see more patients in less time. This can be especially helpful for rural areas where there are few doctors available in person.

Remote Patient Monitoring is a service that allows patients to be monitored remotely. This is done by using technology such as the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning over smartphones, tablets, or computers to connect with medical devices, providing info to nurses, and doctors.

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is a service that allows healthcare professionals to monitor patients' vital signs and other health metrics from a remote location. RPM systems typically consist of a wearable device that collects data from the patient, and a software application that displays the data in real-time. RPM systems can be used to monitor patients with chronic conditions, such as diabetes or congestive heart failure, or to assess the health of patients recovering from surgery or an illness.

Remote Patient Monitoring has several advantages over traditional methods of patient care. First, RPM systems allow healthcare professionals to monitor patients' health 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This increases the chances that potential problems will be detected early, which can help prevent serious health complications. Second, RPM systems make it possible for healthcare professionals to provide care to patients who are unable to visit a clinic or hospital. This can be especially helpful for patients who live in rural areas or who are unable to travel due to illness or injury. Third, RPM systems allow healthcare professionals to collect data on patient's health over time. This data can be used to improve patient care and to develop new treatments for chronic conditions.

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Healthcare app development is a complex process, and there are a variety of regulations that must be followed in order to ensure that the app is safe and effective. The first step is to consult with the FDA to determine if the app needs to be registered as a medical device. If it does, then the developers will need to go through a rigorous approval process that includes extensive testing and documentation.

If the app does not need to be registered as a medical device, there are still a number of other regulations that must be followed. For example, any data collected by the app must be properly secured and protected, and the app must comply with HIPAA regulations.

At Emorphis Technologies we follow HIPAA, HITECH, PCI Compliance, ONC, and NCPDP regulations. We also have experience with implementing healthcare standards like HL7, FHIR, ICD-10, CPT, XDS

Healthcare software and application development costs can vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. In addition, the cost can also depend on the features and functionality that are required for the project.

The cost of healthcare software development, integration and healthcare app development can vary depending on the needs of the customer. However, it is generally a relatively expensive process, with costs starting at around $50,000 and often reaching six or seven figures.

One reason for the high cost is the complexity of the healthcare industry. There are many regulatory requirements that need to be considered, as well as the need to build secure and reliable systems. Moreover, healthcare providers often have very specific needs that need to be met in order to ensure that their patients receive the best possible care.

However, it is often worth the investment, as a well-designed healthcare software system can help organizations save money and improve patient care.

It is important to work with a reputable and experienced software development company like Emorphis Technologies when undertaking a healthcare software project. By doing so, you can be sure that the end product will be tailored to your specific needs and will function as intended.

Our healthcare software developers have a very deep understanding of both the technical and business aspects of healthcare industry in order to develop a robust system that meets all of your needs.

There are many reasons why outsourcing healthcare software and app development to Emorphis Technologies can be a smart decision.

By working with Emorphis Technologies' team of experienced developers, you can ensure that your project is completed on time and within budget. Additionally, by partnering with us, you can access new technology and innovative approaches to software development that is not available in-house.

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Custom healthcare software development refers to the process of creating software specifically designed for the healthcare industry, tailored to the unique needs and requirements of healthcare providers and patients.

Custom healthcare software development can include a wide range of features, including electronic health records (EHRs), telemedicine capabilities, patient portals, appointment scheduling, prescription management, medical billing and coding, and more.

Custom healthcare software development can improve healthcare efficiency, streamline operations, increase accuracy, and reduce costs. It can also improve patient outcomes, enhance patient experience and enable healthcare providers to offer more personalized care.

Healthcare providers can benefit from custom healthcare software development by automating routine administrative tasks, reducing the risk of errors, improving patient engagement, and enabling better collaboration among care teams. This can ultimately lead to improved patient outcomes and better overall healthcare quality.

The timeline for developing custom healthcare software can vary depending on the scope and complexity of the project. On average, it can take several months to a year to develop and deploy a fully functional software system.

Custom healthcare software development must comply with various laws and regulations, including HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) to ensure the security and privacy of patient data. The software should have robust security features such as encryption, access controls, and regular security audits to safeguard patient information.

The cost of custom healthcare software development can vary depending on various factors such as the complexity of the software, the number of features, the level of customization required, and the amount of time and resources needed to develop the software. On average, the cost of custom healthcare software development can range from tens of thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars for large and complex projects. It's important to note that the cost of custom healthcare software development should be weighed against the potential benefits, such as increased efficiency, improved patient outcomes, and enhanced patient experience. Additionally, it's important to work with experienced software development teams who can provide a transparent breakdown of the costs and ensure that the project stays within budget.